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How much chia should I have a day?

We recommend 15g (1 tablespoon) a day, this provides approximately;
– 70 Calories
– 2.7g Omega 3
– 5g of Fibre
– 3g of Protein

These nutrient quantities are considered adequate to meet your daily Calorie, Omega, Fibre and Protein recommended intake when consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet.

How do I use chia?

You can use chia in many ways, simply add it to breakfast, smoothies, lunch, snacks, bakes or dinner! Check out our recipe section for more chia inspired recipes!

Do chia seeds have to be soaked before eating?

No they do not have to be soaked. See our recipe section for inspiration on how to add this nutrient boosted seed to your diet.

Are your milled chia seeds raw?

Yes, we mill the whole seeds using a cold-milling process so that no heat is generated and no nutrients are lost.

Should chia seeds be washed?

No, chia seeds do not need to be washed.

Are chia seeds gluten free and nut free?

All of our seeds are gluten-free. They may however, contain traces of nuts.

Is there a difference between black and white chia seeds?

There are two chia seed colours, black and white. There is no nutritional difference between black and white chia seed, the only difference is the colour!

Which is better – whole or milled chia?

Nutritionally, there is no difference between whole and milled chia seeds, the choice is purely a matter of personal preference.

Does chia need to be ground down?

Chia seeds do not need to be ground down for absorption, as chia has a soft shell it is possible to absorb the whole seed.

Where should I store my chia seeds?

We recommend that you store chia seeds in a cool dry place.

Any advice for someone taking chia seed for the first time?

Yes, chia is very high in fibre but it will take your bowel a couple of weeks to get used to extra fibre, so add it in gradually. Start with a half serving and increase gradually from there. You may feel a little more bloated initially as your gut adjusts to the increase in fibre but that will lessen. Keep active and increase your fluid intake, to allow this extra fibre to move along your gut. Aim to drink 1.5- 2L of fluid per day.

Can pregnant women and children take chia seeds?

As chia is a food, not a supplement there is no evidence to state that it is unsafe for pregnant women or children – we would always, however, recommend that you share any concerns with your doctor.

Why should I use Chia Bia and not cheaper brands?

Chia Bia was one of the first companies to bring chia seeds to Europe, we are considered to be experts on chia. We have very stringent quality control procedures and each batch of chia that we receive is tested to ensure optimum nutritional values.

I am vegan, can I eat chia?

Yes, chia is one of the highest plant based source of Omega 3, high in Fibre, Protein and other Vitamins and Minerals so it is a perfect addition to the vegan diet.


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