Blackberry Jam with Chia Bia

You can really make the most of the Autumn Harvest by using delicious, in-season blackberries to make a delicious blackberry jam with Chia bia. It’s not only tasty, but because of the the gelling properties of chia seeds, you don’t need to add gelatine, so your jam making couldn’t be easier!

Blackberry Jam with Chia bia –

Ingredients –

2 cups of blackberries (washed)

1 cup Stevia (sugar alternative)

5 Tablespoons Whole Chia bia Chia Seeds

7 Tblsp Water


Method –

1. Using a blender, puree the blackberries

2. Push the pureed fruit through a fine mesh sieve, making sure to collect the juices and discard the seeds that are left on the sieve.

3. In the medium bowl, place the sugar and the collected fruit puree (without the seeds). Place the bowl in the refrigerator for one hour and allow the sugar to dissolve.

4. Remove from the refrigerator. Add the chia seeds and water.

5. In a medium saucepan, cook the mixture over a very low heat, stirring occasionally. When the desired jam consistency is obtained, remove from the stove and transfer into a jam jar,


Why not enjoy this tasty jam, with English Muffins with Chia, you can find the recipe in our “Cooking with Chia for Dummies” Buy Now

Blackberry Jam with Chia bia


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