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Chia Bia Ice Lollies For Summer!

Chia Bia for Summer! We’ve decided that it’s time to give you all a peep behind the scenes at Chia Bia HQ, so that you know who’s blogging, and who’s getting up to what!

Sandra here, this week I’m packing for my holidays which is no easy task  with two small (and 1 big) boy running around the house causing all sorts of havoc! I love holidays and I love the sun, but I find that the relatively good diet that I stick to for my family goes out the window when we’re away…that’s why one of the first things that I’ll be packing is my Chia Bia chia seeds!

No matter what the family is eating I’ll be able to pop some chia seeds into the dish without affecting the taste, so they will all get a nutritional boost without even realising it! We all love smoothies and yoghurts, and these are perfect refreshing snacks during the day, made even better if we have our chia seeds in them!

Jack “helping” with the packing!
Jack “helping” with the packing!


In the meantime, to get that Summer feeling, I’ve been making Chia Bia ice lollies for my poor teething toddler, and they have been going down a treat (with the whole family), they are so easy to make, and contain no refined sugar, here’s the recipe –

1 tablespoons Chia Bia whole chia seeds
1 tub of natural yoghurt
1 handful of fresh or frozen fruits (I used strawberries)
1 tablespoon maple syrup

Blend or mash your fruit and mix with the natural yoghurt
Add your Chia Bia chia seeds and maple syrup
Pour into lollipop moulds,
Pop into the freezer to set (they’ll be frozen in a few hours)

Enjoy – Just like Jack did!!!

Jack enjoying his Chia Bia ice lolly!
Jack enjoying his Chia Bia ice lolly!

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