Chia and Blueberries?

Do you want an easy way to get even more antioxidants into your diet?

Chia bia can do just that. We work with a company who have developed a patented process of drying out berries in such a way that none of the nutrients are lost. The only added ingredient is water and what results is a very fine powder. We then mix this with milled chia seed so that you can benefit from all the extra antioxidants in the blueberries along with the OMEGA 3, FIbre, Protein and Antioxidants in the chia seed.

To see some of the processes involved in drying the blueberries, click on the following link:

What results is a delicious Chia & Blueberry Mix that you can easily add to yogurts, breakfast cereals, porridge or any food you normally enjoy. We do the same with cranberries and offer a delicious Cranberry and Chia Mix too.

We’d love you to try these products as they add so much more value in terms of nutrition. One serving of these mixes gives you the same amount of nutrients found in 13g of berries along with 2.3g ALA Omega 3 and 4.5g of Fibre. This is great value nutrition but to entice you further, for a limited time, we are offering €1 off our normal retail price when you buy online so that you can try for yourself these delicious, nutritious berry mixes. They are now only €8.99 online with free delivery to anywhere in Ireland or the UK when you spend €20 or more.

To get your Blueberry & Chia or Cranberry & Chia Mixes, simply purchase online at


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