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Put a Spring in Your Step With Chia Bia

The days are getting longer, evenings are getting brighter, and its time to put a spring in your step! If you have an urge to get out and get moving, but you’re lacking energy after a long, stormy winter, then you should incorporate Chia Bia into your diet, and reap the benefits!

Chia is a natural performance enhancer, it has hydrophillic properties which help to keep you hydrated for longer, and a slow energy conversion rate which helps to increase energy levels and prolong endurance…so if you need to boost your energy, for running, racing or even just chasing after the kids, then  try 2 spoonfuls of Chia Bia (whole or milled) in your favourite yogurt, in your morning cereal, or in a delicious smoothie to give you that much needed spring in your step this April!

Why not try this easy smoothie recipe to start your journey to a more energised you!

1 orange

1 banana

1 handful of fresh spinach (yes honestly!)

1/2 glass of orange juice

2 dessert spoons of Chia Bia (milled or whole)

Blend all the ingredients together, add ice if required, and enjoy! Yes, it really is that simple to boost your energy with Chia Bia!



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