What are Chia Seeds?

What are Chia Seeds? Imagine our surprise, when, at a trade show we were asked this question, many times. After 7 years of knocking around, getting Chia Bia onto the shelves in Supervalu, Dunnes, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, not to mention all the wonderful independent health stores around the country, we were sure that everyone knew what Chia was! So we’ve realised that it’s time to get back to basics!

So…What are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are tiny black or white seed that are part of the mint family. They are one of the the highest plant based sources of Omega 3, high in fibre and a source of protein. Chia also contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and as the seed has little or no taste, you can add it to just about any dish to give a nutritional boost to your diet.


So…What’s the big deal?

Well it’s this simple…a 15g serving (1 tablespoon) of Chia Bia chia seeds contains –

  • 2.7g Omega 3
  • 5g of Fibre
  • 3g of Protein

Chia also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, folic acid, selenium and magnesium so is an incredibly easy way to boost nutrition in your diet, just by adding these tiny seeds!


So…How do I use it?

Well, as I mentioned, chia is a subtle tasting seed, so you can add it to just about any dish without affecting the flavour, see our recipe section for loads of ideas, like overnight oats, chia puddings and cakes and bakes. If in doubt – just remember…


So…What do I do now?

So, now that you know just how great chia seeds are – head to Supervalu, Tesco, Dunnes or your local health store, and pick up your pack of Chia Bia chia seeds and start feeling the benefits!



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