Chia Bia seeds and Chia Crunch biscuits now available in Tesco UK


The good news just keeps rolling in here in Chia bia HQ! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get a top secret order of Chia bia Seed, and Chia Crunch gluten Free biscuits ready to wave off to a mystery location! Finally the mystery is over, and we can reveal that our wonderful seed and biscuit range is now available on shelves in Tesco UK! Tesco has launched it’s #Lifestylefoodfair and we are thrilled to be part of it!

Having seen the upsurge in demand for “free from” foods, Tesco is making healthy options more accessible to the general shopper. We’ve been telling you all about the fantastic benefits of Chia for the past few years so it’s great to see a company like Tesco featuring our fabulous product, and helping us tell more people how Chia bia can improve their health!

We’ve been telling you  to “just add Chia bia” for some time – now we’re saying…”Just add Chia bia, to your shopping list!”

Just 2 dessertspoons of  tiny tasteless, Chia bia seeds in your diet daily, can reap huge benefits to your health. Chia seeds are the highest plant source of Omega 3, they are also high in protein, fibre, antioxidants and so much more. The health benefits include lower cholesterol,increased energy levels, improvements in digestion, relief from joint pain, balanced blood sugars and even weight loss.

Chia bia seeds are so easy to use, and now they’re just as easy to buy off the shelves in Tesco – just make sure that you put them on your shopping list and pop them in your basket…you’d be off your trolley not to!!!

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