Guilt Free Pizza

Guilt Free Pizza Guilt free pizza? Yes please! Homemade pizza definitely makes for a healthier alternative to the traditional pizzeria versions that are typically loaded with fatty toppings and very…

Chia Seed Hummus

Chia Seed Hummus Chia seed hummus ? Whats not to love! This already healthy and tasty dip just got a whole lot better when Sapana from Cooking With Sapana created…

Chia Beet Burgers

Chia Beet Burgers        Chia beet burgers are the perfect healthy burger alternative. Beetroot is growing in popularity and its no wonder as it is both nutritious and tasty with it’s…

Chicken Red Curry with Chia Bia

Looking for the perfect Winter Warmer – try our Chicken Red Curry with Chia bia Ingredients: 1 LB skinless, boneless chicken thighs One 15-ounce can full fat coconut milk 1…


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